Walking with my forever angel is about my walk with the love of my life as my spiritual company, my soul guide and my forever love. Some days are good, some days are not so good. But in the end ALL IS WELL. Many people lose a loved one and try to replace them. No offense to anyone but I have talked to quite a few people that have lost their loved ones and know this to be true. But just because we cannot see them in the physical form as we see one another, does not mean that they are not walking with us. So here I will share some of my personal thoughts and I will share some actual experiences with my forever angel. Now if you are not a believer in God and angel beings, that is fine, I ask that you refrain from any negativity. Walking with my forever angel is about all things positive, and as tragic as the loss of Wardell was from my physical touch, our family’s loss of him thrust me into a very positive place. I hurt, but I heal…daily.