About the Journey

My name is Katherine and  my journey is ever changing. After my husband’s untimely death, it felt as if this tragic event and loss would define the rest of my life. Instead it is shaping my life, daily.  We all are on a journey of sorts and the twists and sometimes extreme abrupt turns cause us to slow way down, reflect daily, and enable us to grow. In every journey it IS about the process. Remember, the reflection portion is just as important as the growth that follows. Come and share with me in my growth as I share with you all my deepest innermost reflections. Remember this…if you don’t take care or have a vested interest in the story, you can not respect the journey.



5 thoughts on “About the Journey

  1. 9/6/2016

    Welcome family. I say family because if you are here, you are definitely family. As I begin this next chapter, I ask that you all keep me in positive prayer. Here I will share some of my most private and intimate feelings so that you all know how to pray for me but also that God may use me to be a blessing. I thank God first, family second…thank each of you that has been on this walk with me.


  2. Open letter to my forever angel…
    War, this journey has been long, though you left yesterday. I say yesterday because everytime i look over at your photo, for me you left yesterday. When I lay my head on my pillow at night, I ask God to please allow you to come into my dreams. The beautiful times that we have…in my dreams, are just as beautiful as the fun times we had before you deployed. Some may call it fantasy but for me it is my new reality. I am careful not to dwell there too long because then the lines between this world and yours may become skewed and then they may label me as “crazy.” It is okay because you and I had something that many will never understand…we had a crazy kind of love and I am so thankful that we were able to still come out with a love that still shines like “GOLD” My forever angel…someone once told you that all that is gold does not glitter, and your reply was well, she is MY KIND OF GOLD. Just know my love, I am still and forever will be “your kind of gold.”


  3. This is so extremely beautiful, prayers lifted to u and the entire family beautiful…you are truly an inspiration not only to me and my family, but to many as well! you give the true meaning of an phenomenal women. As a spouse, friend ect… i so extremely blessed to have cross paths with such an awesome family. We love you dearly from the lebron family…i love reading what you write its giving me peace and its so comforting to know how truly Good God is…truly lifted my spirits within…🤗🤗🤗😘😘


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