“Hide Me In Plain Sight…”

My daily prayer is for God to hide me…in plain sight.

Don’t see me world, don’t look on my pain with pity.

I don’t understand WHY people long to be seen, WHY

so many long to be in the lime light. I share because so many

tell me, “your words are healing to so many of us.”

What I want most of all is to just “hide in plain sight and allow God’s voice to be heard”

Just a moment, allow me to correct THAT.

Allow Spirit to speak through me, and when we say Spirit that is that which is OF GOD,

not ‘adversarial to’ but in accordance with (HIS VOICE ONLY).

Many wish to hide their gifts, but because it feels like that is all that I have left,

I feel obligated to share. But back to my point. I ask why do so many want to share so

MUCH? The sad part of it all is that you are not even sharing that which is of God, you

want to be seen.  Maybe this post is useless but I feel like some one needs to know

that being seen by ‘people’ means nothing until you are gazed upon by God.


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