Not so Random Thoughts…

It has been some time since I have written but it is not because I have abandoned my thoughts or gifts. Sometimes you lie the pen down. I had a little bit of word block. I felt like the world was pulling my too fast. Everybody here is in a hurry, they want to do this, do that, and they don’t want to do it by themselves and THAT is an issue that we all have. SO this morning I want to say that if you are worried about direction or speed of your life…slow down. This is not half as easy as it sounds but you must intentionally slow down. Because in order to enjoy what is for you you must slow down. And before you even are able to get into that space you must slow down in order to be able to comprehend what is for you. Life is short, and it seems as if we have so much time here but the truth of the matter is you must slow down that your time is well spent. It is crazy no beyond crazy the number of intelligent people that can and don’t comprehend this. I know that God has allowed me and placed me in a space where I am able to slow and breathe him in. The Bahamas upped that to another whole level of slowing down and hearing Gods audible voice. I am okay with that.


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