You Always Told Me…

My forever angel you always told me to take care of myself,

and that if I didn’t, no one else would.

Well, I’m taking care of me and my heart, my mind, and the kids.

Doing my best everyday to do what is good.

Things are as you left them, us still loving you and living life well.

You always told me that life ain’t fair,

and some days that is how it seems.

But I recognized it more clearly when I realized how far I had fell,

grasping for life’s invisible beams.

Sometimes life is not that kind, and this one thing I’ve come to know.

If we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps,

in a little while our strength will begin to show.

When we pull our belts really tight…

Yeah, we will be able to  withstand the ride,

knowing tomorrow is just in sight,

with God and our forever angel on our side.

(Esther 4:14) Perhaps you were made queen for such a moment as this…

Hmmm…a beautiful thought to ponder


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