Another Day Closer to Never

it would be so easy  to give up and to quit…                                                                                              in fact i give up and i quit everyday                                                                                                     i give up the hope that you will walk through the door just one more time, i give up hope that we will watch our youngest walk across the stage together as he graduates high school one day, and I give up hoping that i’ll wake up and this will ALL be a bad dream                                                                                                                                                              I quit holding out hope for so many dreams not lived out, so many realities not lived and i quit feeling sorry for myself, so long ago. then i realized, that didn’t help either. and all of a sudden i realized each day I’m just another day closer to never.

man do i miss you


2 thoughts on “Another Day Closer to Never

  1. Woman, you are STRONG….you are making your way….I love what you’re writing Kat and I love the memories it helps bring back to me of Wardell and his legacy. THANK YOU and please keep writing!


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