…until the tragedy is yours

my friends tell me, “you are so strong”

those that don’t know us tell me, “You can move on”

I have heard it all from “God has someone else for you” to “he will send the right one to you”

I said today was a new day, but it feels familiarly old in a different way…

the difference is that I had to face a new trial this morning, alone…

and it was one of those you would have talked me through…but you’re gone

you can’t appreciate the walk unless you’ve had to crawl

and you won’t appreciate a good cry until you have to bawl

you won’t know the significance of the two’s until you experience life in fours

and tragedy is not tragedy, until it is yours.

the struggle is not real until you trudge through miles and miles of snow

so tread lightly my friend, many will arrive, but all cannot go.

I leave you with this, I accept this heavy load, and I’ll carry it with care

This cross I will carry, for it is mine to bear.

remember, tragedy is not truly tragedy until it is yours.



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