“Look for me…”

this phrase has been resonating with me for weeks now… I wrote it down and something about it didn’t come out write. lol funny that just came out WRITE when I meant right! I am going to share this with you all, to the very core of me I am a writer, but just as a singer sings from the soul and when one sings beautifully to the point that it sounds as if the sound is coming from somewhere else, well it is the same with me. I write from a supernatural place. Lots of time my words are not my own, it is as if the Holy Spirit is speaking through me. SO I am going to share, I still don’t know what this is about but I need to share this, unedited…

“Look for me and you won’t find me,                                                                                                   Listen for me and you hear silence,  but seek me and I Am there in the midst…                   Just as I have always been waiting for you…to stop looking and start seeking me with all of you and all that is in you…                                                                                                       Look for me and you won’t find me.”



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