“If You Don’t Care About the Story, You Can’t Respect the Journey”

I want to share with you all something that actually happened to me and of all places for it to occur it took place at my place of worship.

My first piece of friendly advice would be to invest in people. If you walk around not genuinely caring about others struggles and challenges, I promise you that the day will come when you will find yourself void! That was not a typo by the way. I said that you will find yourself VOID. It is those that never make a deposit in others that come up in the end with an empty account. With that being said here is the account of what happened to me on Sunday.

As I approached the sanctuary a sweet lady asked me had I decided where I would serve in church. I had, it was not on her auxiliary but because I had observed her “awkwardness” and because I genuinely love my church family,  I did not want her to think that I didn’t want to serve with her. I suppose I should have just said no but that is not me. I proceeded to tell her allow me to share a little about my story with you. She quickly said it’s either yes or no. Well I was literally taken aback, I haven’t experienced that type of abrupt shut down I think ever… I wasn’t offended but taken aback as I said so I immediately retorted with well okay then just know if you don’t care about a person’s story you can not respect the journey. While I was not offended I was slightly saddened. A few things happened in the time span of a few seconds. The genuine love and respect that I felt for that lady was literally swatted down as a pesky fly. Then I immediately felt so sorry for her husband, because I thought if a person would do this to a person that has shown them nothing but love then how do you regard others with whom you are comfortable. Last but not least she made me realize that the love that is widespread in the place of worship that she frequents has not truly permeated her spirit. I’m not offended, I am quiet saddened and I feel really bad for that lady. And guess what? Ironically, I would love to know about her story. But she told me a lot that I did not know on that day. If you don’t care about a person’s story, you can’t respect their journey.


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