“In This Live What Will You Give…”

In this life will you give… more than you take, lie down your life for another man’s sake

In this life will you give…your mother aches, harder than when she labored to bring you forth

In this life will you give…your all or what you feel this life is worth

In this life…

Will you give or care, about the next person standing there

Or will you take of that which you are not willing to give, just wandering aimlessly taking for granted your gifts?

I hope that in this life you will give a moment to see that this journey is not about you, not about me, but about giving more of what has been given to us

Don’t be that person that others look at and say, hmmm he or she they  don’t care don’t even bother to waste your time, going over there.

Be that light that others long to see, that may lead the lost home at the end of their unwanted journey.

What will you give in this life?



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