When you really want to go deep, ask yourself a question…

What do you think the most damaging lie ever told is or was?

Well it depends on who you talk to I suppose, in both cases. One of the biggest lies ever told has been told and repeated by many. It is not the size of the lie that matters but the severity or long lasting effects that the lie has that truly determines it’s impact.

You may ask yourself why. Here is the truth. Because the more times it is told the more it is believed and thus even it is a “small lie” it is given life in the repetition of it!  So with all of that being stated, I am brought to my next literary piece…


hmmmm…self made you say? What makes one self made?

…with the audacious ability to bring one’s self up out of the miry clay?

SELF MADE…the ability to breathe life into yourself and any or ALL that you do?

self made you say, my friend you are just that! …a self made fool!

Sad is the one that believes in himself, self made of NOTHING and from nothing else!

You will surely die a miserable soul, if you co-sign this lie and continue to carry it on.

SELF MADE! Hmph! I scoff at the very thought,

one of the grandest lies ever conceived

sold only to fools, but by many so called intellects this grand lie was bought.

SO I challenge you today to look deeper and search within,

for integrity can not be bought nor sold,

SELF MADE you say…surely the grandest of ALL LIES ever told!



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