“Just Not Today”

Tomorrow will be a better day, it will have to,  because today just doesn’t feel good.I’m numb, I’m sad, I’m a little lonely…but more than anything I MISS YOU. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times before. Nobody knows what this feels like until BOOM! The unthinkable happens! The world doesn’t stop turning. My tears won’t stop falling. And my heart has not stopped hurting. War, I know that you would say Kat “what are you going to do, sit there and let the world run you over?” Someone told  me that War said to them if anything happens to him to make sure I was okay because  he KNEW the kids would get over it but my heart would NOT be okay. Although my heart is broken I plan on living for a long time. I  know that one day I will be alright. What is alright you ask?  It is anything but what I feel like at this present moment. I can’t throw a hissy fit because it won’t do any good. I have to wait on tomorrow or the next day. Whatever day it may be I’m waiting on ALRIGHT to come my way. I’ve never had much patience but I’m learning everything with grace. I’ll be right here waiting on ALRIGHT. Maybe tomorrow? The condition of my heart tells me, “just not today”.



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