“Grievances Without Merit”

A good friend once told me “I complained about not having shoes until a met a man with no feet”

Well, now i like to think of complaints as more like “grievances without merit.”

I walk around so many times thinking this is just me. I have got to be the only one that has suffered like THIS! Our circumstances are horrible! My husband was a good man, he served without question, we were an amazing family, and we…we…we wah, wah, wah!!!

Then I started to talk to people. One day I was having a bad day and I decided to go and talk to my neighbors and I my one neighbor whom I ALWAYS saw walking her dog and smiling and just a joy to see her smile…well it turned out that she had lost her husband too, whom had JUST retired a little over a year ago. She lived alone, they had moved to Texas from California but she had her husband longer than me and from that standpoint had more invested but she was still walking, talking, and living. The more I began to talk to people the more I began to realize I was NOT the only one that had suffered loss and not only was I not the only one, but nor I would be the last. And since I plan on living until I’m one hundred and ten…I will suffer many more losses so I need to learn how to grow through this.

The more that I learn, I am able to realize that my complaints are simply grievances without merit.



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