From Heartbreak to Hope

The enemy meant for me to perish when he saw an avenue to eliminate my love…

but when I tell you that in heartbreak there is hope,

and along the road called hope there is healing! I tell you this is the truth.

In the beginning I felt as if someone had turned off the sun in my life!

Literally that is what grief feels like. But when you walk, and you stay on this journey!

you will eventually arrive at that road called HOPE! And once you do…

The rest is history…the rest is HIS STORY!

Hope makes for the most beautiful story because it is like a flower, blooming no

matter what the season. No matter what the season, HOPE IS ALWAYS IN BLOOM!

Once hope blooms, there again we will find love.

“I love you in the morning,

I love you at noon,

I love you until later

I loved you before there was a soon.

I love you in my darkest moments

I loved you when all i felt was doom

I love you simply because no matter what the season








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