“When the Rest of the World Seems to Forget”

When the rest of the world seems to forget,

and they tell us that life goes on…

When the rest of the world forgets,

and a good day seems horribly wrong…

When everything around me is perfect,

in every other aspect…

We will always remember,

when they seem to forget.

Its not enough though, when I see an evil adult

consumed with this busy world,

under their breath hurl an insult.

I’ve seen them look at my baby and mumble “he must be losing his mind”

I want to scream at the top of my lungs,

“if only you knew maybe you’d try to be just a little kind.

Or when they send silly notes like “he had nothing to write with today”

I  wonder  what they’d think if they knew I was using a gps

but STILL managed to go the wrong way.

SO when the rest of the world seems to forget

and is caught up in the lie of looking busy

My heart will always choose to beat slow and remember,

how sweet life was yesterday.

I”m not alright

but I know I’ll be okay.







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