Another Frantic Friday

Fridays used to be my favorite day of the week. And for as long as I can remember I loved when War would come through the front door, Pria would greet him first and we were ALL just happy to see him.

Like, I never realized just how happy the kids and I were to see him when he came through the door. I still can see him standing in the front door, in his uniform bending over rubbing Pria and Pria just happy. Even Pria hasn’t been the same since you went away.

I ask myself if you cried at the thought that you knew you wouldn’t be able to see us one more time, or tell us that you really didn’t want to go. But that morning before I awoke, I remember you calling out my name three times. I remember seeing your face. I saw you there in our room it was as if we were face to face. I was so tired that night. I remember getting steps in before I went to bed that night, as a matter of fact I stayed up until a little after midnight. I remember that you told me you had a mission and to pray that all would go well.

The day was not a frantic Friday but more like a manic Monday. I have never forgotten how hectic that morning was. In fact it was so hectic that the notification team had a difficult time locating me. When they finally caught up to me I remember saying, “oh God did I pray?” My day had been that hectic.

From that day forward I never prayed so much, I prayed to God to make the nightmare go away. I prayed a lot. But I cried more than anything else.




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